I am Sarah Cain, The Crusader Gal. I am a political and cultural commentator. I make videos about the decline of the West and I write the Homefront Crusade newsletter. Originally from England, I laud the traditional Christian values that have so far prevented America from succumbing to the darkness that envelops Europe. America is, nonetheless, on a slope that most cannot see, and I am working to awaken Americans to that reality.

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The Freeloading Atheism of Richard Dawkins and Republicans

A parasitic atheism is taking root, promising what it can never deliver. Richard Dawkins, once a fierce critic of Christianity, now sounds like a modern Republican, supporting ‘values’ without religiosity or Savior. Can a culture be built without either?

New Audiobook

The Twilight of Civilization

The Twilight of Civilization was originally a lecture, given in one of the most tumultuous periods for the West, in 1939. This fascinating work, written by Jacques Maritain and narrated by myself, provides a glimpse into the world at that moment, through the eyes of an influential figure in theology and philosophy.