Update: I was recently severely hurt in an automobile accident. As a result, I am producing far fewer articles and videos. For more information, and if you are able to help, please visit my GiveSendGo page. Thank you.

I am Sarah Cain, The Crusader Gal. I am a political and cultural commentator. I make videos about the decline of the West and I write the Homefront Crusade newsletter. Originally from England, I laud the traditional Christian values that have so far prevented America from succumbing to the darkness that envelopes Europe. America is, nonetheless, on a slope that most cannot see, and I am working to awaken Americans to that reality.


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The Dystopian Tomorrow That We’re Building

The direction of our society is corporate and void of interpersonal dialogue. This is the environment that dystopias are set in. Perhaps we ought to pause and consider where we’re going.

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