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Gab logoYou may not have learned of Gab yet, but it is the best social media system to use for following me. The mainstream services censor my work routinely. However, Gab was founded on the principle of free speech in a glorious act of rebellion against the despicable behavior of the other services. You are getting cheated if you are using the other services, and you’ll never know what they have not allowed you to see. The companies that make up Big Tech have been conspiring together to silence Gab, which I documented in a video. Gab is simply a better alternative all around. It doesn’t hide stuff that you might want to see and it never tries to cram a Marxist ideology down your throat. I also upload my videos to GabTV.


Odysee logoOdysee is a new video site that is fast, shows high quality videos, and which supports free speech. It uses a decentralized technology, which makes it resistant to network attacks and censorship efforts. All of my videos are automatically uploaded to Odysee. If you create an account at Odysee and follow my channel, you can expect to be reliably notified of new videos.


Bitchute logoOdysee displays higher quality videos than Bitchute, so it is usually preferred. However, Odysee requires fast download speeds and a modern browser. Bitchute is a good second-best option because it does not engage in censorship, unlike YouTube.


Telegram logoTelegram is a program that many find to be cumbersome, and the web interface is limited. So, you may only wish to follow me on Telegram if it’s already a service that you use. There are two Telegram channels that you are welcome to join, depending on how involved you wish to be. The announcement channel is where I announce new videos, so there is rarely more than 1 update a day. The group chat channel is an ongoing chatroom that is filled with fans of my work and me.


YouTube logoWhile you are welcome to subscribe at YouTube, be aware that such subscriptions are unreliable, so it is recommended that you also opt to be notified of new videos using another method (like the newsletter at the top and bottom of this page).


Minds logoRumble is another video site that aims to be more free than YouTube.