Schools Undermine Students’ Moral Agency

Two incidents this week in NC public schools paint a picture of an environment that is set up to prevent students from thinking and acting in moral ways, favoring an irrational rule structure instead. This kind of ‘formation’ is antithetical to the creation and maintenance of a moral populace. Read the article at Homefront Crusade.

“Catholic” Joe Biden Is a Product of Church Apathy

So many parishes teach an indifferentism that fails to prepare the faithful for what they will see in the world, which produces ‘Catholics’ like Joe Biden. But most congregations do need to be confronted about the sins that the rest of the world celebrates. Read the article at Crisis Magazine.

Destroying the Cultural Undergird of America

When the Biden Administration announced Easter Sunday 2024 as the Transgender Visibility Day, there was more going on than a mere leftist nod. There is an active war being waged to replace the religion that has always been intrinsic to America’s fabric. Read the article at Homefront Crusade

Celebrating Christ the King This Easter

We have had an unusual week in which many in the alleged conservative media attempted to rewrite the phrase “Christ is King” to be an antisemitic slur, right as Easter beckons and we ought to be proclaiming such with one voice. Let us assert what, and who, is Truth as we enter the Triduum. Read the article and more at Homefront Crusade.

When Medicine Mandates Murder (on The Catholic Current)

I joined Fr. McTeigue to discuss mischief within corporate medicine and purveyors of “The Science”. Are we right to have lost confidence in much of the medical industry? What does our “faith in science” say about our culture as a whole?

Now the English Countryside Is Racist Too

New signage at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Britain warns viewers about how pictures of the English countryside might lead to nationalism, which is the “darker side” of landscape imagery. Read the article at Homefront Crusade.

All Books Are Welcome! Unless…

RuPaul is an infamous drag queen and he opened an online bookstore that was “open to all stories,” hence the name. It didn’t last long. Only three days after launch, the bookstore began banning books. Read the article at Homefront Crusade.

Diagnosing Our Culture on The Catholic Current

I had a great time joining Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J. for a conversation about the state of the culture and the Church. We discussed everything from the recent desecration at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the reduced vocabulary of modern man and its ramifications. Enjoy!

Destroying Public Libraries for Equity

Is it bigoted to charge late fees at the public library? Some people think so, so late fees are coming to an end, all for the sake of equity. Yet without an incentive to return the books, can libraries exist at all?

They’re Outnumbered–Why Are They Winning?

As DEI and transgender ideology spread through our institutions, we ought to ask why such a small minority is being allowed to dominate our discourse and culture. I summarize the factors as cowardice, groundless morality, and isolation.

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