Thank you for considering donating toward my work. I couldn’t do this without people like you.


I have been financially choked and I am being actively shadow banned by various Internet companies. I realize that am not alone in this plight, as countless conservatives have been targeted for being de-personed. The communists have arrived in America and Europe, so people like me are being vanquished to the digital gulag by the modern thought police, without so much as a re-education program.

I want people to know that my work is about issues that are more important than money. Otherwise, I would have already found work that much better pays the bills. I do this sort of work because money can be replaced, but our basic rights once lost, are not so easily returned.

Sadly, a free press is just an idealistic fantasy, because nothing about it is free. Somebody is always paying for it, and these somebodies are either paying to get the truth, or they are paying for lies that they wish to perpetuate. This is why a diversity of journalism, which the communists and leftists amongst us so wish to destroy, is the lifeblood of freedom. With a diversity of journalism, a person will eventually be able to find his way toward the outlets which are truthful. This is a trend that our opponents are attempting to halt in the most despicable of ways, as they witness people en mass flocking to independent journalists, such as myself, while departing from the discredited media of yesteryear.

On the front lines of the fight to save humanity and truth itself, it appears that the good guys (conservatives and Christians) are slowly winning the war in the States, but losing all of the key battles. We (Health Wyze Media) have been hammered and hurt in multiple ways ourselves. We have also seen good leaders utterly destroyed through Internet bans and banking bans. Both of which should be made illegal. For now, we simply can assure our readers and viewers that we are not dead yet.

I shall continue for as long as God sees fit. In the meantime, I shall most graciously and gladly accept any help that you could offer. There actually is some truth to that cliché, “freedom isn’t free”.

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